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Towing America since 2012
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Custom Fit Hitch

Our TowSmart custom hitches are made to fit your vehicle perfectly. Find one for your vehicle.

Expertly Engineered Towing Solutions

Our products are expertly engineered from the ground up to work for you.

Configure Your Vehicle

Unique X-MOUNT Design

The TowSmart X-Mount ball mount is revolutionary thanks to its unique design.


Innovative Lock Rail System

The TowSmart Lock Rail System secures the hitch ball in position for single wrench tightening.

How To TowSmart
Towing doesn’t have to be complicated – here’s how to TowSmart in three simple steps.
Know your Weight

Know the total weight of the trailer (GTW) you are towing and the maximum towing capacity determined by your vehicle manufacturer.

Level Towing

For safe and comfortable towing, the trailer should always be as level as possible.

Enhance Safety

Drive at a moderate speed, allow more distance for stopping, and avoid sudden steering maneuvers.

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