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Our TowSmart custom hitches are made to fit your vehicle perfectly. Find one for your vehicle.

Expertly Engineered

Since 2012, TowSmart has been a leader in innovative towing solutions for multiple vehicle types and applications. Whether you’re hauling for work or on a family adventure, we’ve now made it easier than ever to get out on the road thanks to our line of custom fit hitches.

TowSmart Custom fit hitches are built to an exact specification so you can tow and haul safely and securely. Constructed of high-strength materials and made to last, TowSmart Custom hitches are designed and engineered to provide the necessary strength and capacity for your towing needs. Additionally, they work seamlessly with our other available TowSmart products which include ball mounts, hitch balls, locks and pins, and other accessories.

Outfitting your vehicle with an expertly engineered TowSmart Custom hitch ensures that you can haul and tow at the highest level – no matter where you go or what you do.

Proudly Manufactured in America

TowSmart Custom receiver hitches are manufactured in America in facilities led by industry experts with over 35 years of experience. Our manufacturing process employs the latest technology and meets Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards in order to deliver the best products to our customers.

Leveraging valuable industry experience, we create custom hitches for major vehicle brands that:

  • Meet manufacturer rated towing capacities
  • Are designed and engineered to be vehicle manufacturer specific
  • Meet V5 and SAE J684 standards 
  • Come with an OEM-certified finish for rust and corrosion resistance

Additionally, all of our TowSmart Custom hitches are backed by our quality and workmanship guarantee. When you buy a TowSmart Custom fit hitch, you’re purchasing a product that is proudly made in the USA and manufactured with care.

Commitment to Quality

As always, customer satisfaction is our top priority. TowSmart is dedicated to delivering quality, best-in-class product solutions that don’t just meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

Thanks to a streamlined manufacturing process and state-of-the-art automation, TowSmart Custom hitches are the result of a modern approach to mass production. Put simply, we take pride in the process as much as we do the end result.

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