Warranty Info

Limited warranty: Winston Products LLC, (“Company”) merits the original purchaser of the product (“Consumer”) that the product will be in working order with no defects in material and craftsmanship for ONE (1) year from the original purchase date. This warranty is non-transferable. Warranty is not extended for replacement or repair of the claimed product.

This limited warranty does not cover: (A.) normal wear and tear, (B.) improper installation, (C.) damage through accident, neglect, abuse, or misuse, (D.) overloading, or (E.) alterations made to the product by the consumer.

Consumer must present original receipt of purchase to company for proof of purchase and to confirm that the original consumer still owns the product. Contact the company with the information provided below. If a claim is granted, the company will replace the product or refund the purchase price.

In no event will the company be responsible for any claims exceeding the purchase price of the product. The consumer’s only solution under this or any warranty on the product is replacement of the product or refund of the purchase price.