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Class III

Class 3 Up to 8,000 lb. Swap-A-Ball 1-7/8 in., 2 in. and 2-5/16 in. Ball Diameter Adjustable Hitch Ball System

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The Class III Swap-a-Ball Hitch Ball System is a conversion system that allows you to swap out hitch balls in seconds. The hitch ball fits directly into your trailer coupler and helps create a secure connection between your vehicle and trailer when towing your valuable cargo. The hitch ball provides universally designed wrench flats that can be used with any standard ball mount and also fit into the X-Mount lockrail system. The lockrail functions as a built-in wrench, preventing hitch ball rotation during installation or removal. Includes three hitch balls sizes: 1-7/8 in., 2 in. and 2-5/16 in., a locking washer, mounting nut and wrench flats. Make sure to know the total weight of the trailer (GTW) you are towing and the maximum towing capacity determined by your vehicle manufacturer to select the correct Class. Made of durable, heavy-duty steel construction with a chrome plated finish that is corrosion-resistant to withstand extreme weather.

  • Easy install adjustable hitch ball with integrated wrench flats
  • Fits directly into your trailer coupler
  • Heavy duty solid steel construction with protective chrome finish

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